JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a subset of JavaScript Programming Language, and the syntax of json is described in detail in JSON official website. The JSON data format is language-independent and has been born out of JavaScript, but many programming languages currently support the generation and parsing of JSON format data. As a lightweight data exchange format. Easy to read and write, but also easy to machine parsing and generating.

This is an online json editor that automatically checks for syntax and prompts errors when writing json code in the left window. The json code can be formatted (styled), compressed, and converted to the right tree view through several buttons below the window. The tree view on the right can also be edited, you can directly add/delete json nodes, and modify the value of json node.

In addition to the json editor, you can also use it as a json formatter, json beautifier, json compressor, json viewer, and more. This tool can help you quickly understand the structure and content of json when the json text is long and compressed into a single line.


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  4. github: jsoneditor

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